*Narrator for a game show concept video presentation (under NDA), 2015-16.

*Narrator for "Love: The Song of the Universe", promotional video, 2015.

*Character voice for "Baja" in the cartoon film "The Koalas", 2014.

*Narrator for "PRninja", promotional video, 2013.

*Narrator for "The Elements of Music" promotional video, 2008.

*Character voice as George Farris, early 20th-century carpenter for the documentary "Rebuilding San Francisco: The Worker's Story," May, 2006.

*Cartoon voices as Drago, the Oracle, and others for magician Heather Rogers' show "Real Magic," 2005.

*Character voice as an Eskimo translator for a feature documentary, 1998.



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Pirate and Parrot The Oracle Drago 1 Drago 2 Drunken Sailors





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