composition, sound design

*Composer of the theme song for Intergenerational Week, 1992.

*Provided soundtrack for "The Digby Proposal," a virtual audio CD project for Earprint Productions and McDougall Creative Incorporated, 1996.

*Provided MIDI music segments for e-cards at

*Creation of sound design and musical composition in collaboration with artist/sculptor Hayes Raffle for an installation at San Francisco's Exploratorium, and for the New Fangle 2002 exhibit, a presentation of GenArt.

*Composer of the theme song "One World, One Ocean" for the Tall Ships Challenge 2002 in San Francisco, and SailSanFrancisco.

*Licensed original music to enhance the production of podcasts of content from the Health Industry Collaboration Effort Inc. 2007 ICE conference.

*Original scores for iOS mobile games, 2008-2014 (see music samples page)




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