film scores

*Completed score for the documentary "The Odyssey of Michael Healy" for KTEH San Jose and Waterfront Soundings Productions, 1998, broadcast on PBS stations.

*Creation of four film scores for IRMI Films Corporation, 1992-1998.

*Completed score for the labor union film documentary "Pilebutts: Working Under the Hammer" for Waterfront Soundings Productions, 2002.

*Completed score for the documentary "Shipping Out: the Story of America's Seafaring Women," for Waterfront Soundings Productions, 2005, broadcast on PBS stations.

*Completed score for the documentary "Rebuilding San Francisco: The Worker's Story," for Waterfront Soundings Productions, May, 2006, broadcast on PBS stations.

*Completed score for a DVD trailer entitled "J. Porter Shaw Library" for the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, 2007.

*Completed score for the DVD "Changing the World One Diaper at a Time" for Doodle Creative Inc., 2007.

*Completed score for the film short "Jillian", written and edited by Kevin Hahn, 2011.

*Completed score for the documentary "...and Rosemary is for Remembrance", 2015.





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