Comprovisation - Spontaneous Compositions

I view the creative process as essentially the same across all disciplines.
I enjoy painting, drawing, writing, and all forms of digital media creation.
The bottom line, to me, is that the essence of spontaneity be preserved, in the process of developing an idea -
an idea that takes shape as-it-appears.

In a sense, the magic of the moment, is in surrendering to that idea as it causes itself, develops itself.
When I’m there, and it’s there, I’m gone, and the idea and its dance is all there is.
The transcendent state of flow, and all notions of self, evaporate. It’s a feeling of bliss.
It is the nature of the universe, a constant unfolding of structure and surprise, of chaos and order,
out of which comes beauty.

Below are some of the many spontaneous compositions I've recorded for solo piano.
I never know what will happen when I first sit down,
but once I begin, my task is simply to allow the music to unfold,
to create itself, and as best I can, to stay out of its way.

The art of improvisation is a highly meditative experience,
leading to the emergence of entrainment, something akin to autopoiesis.

These are just some of the many recordings I have made.
You can view many more of these on my YouTube channel.





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